Luni desktop lamp Luni desktop lamp
Luni is without a doubt a wild child. Always full of energy and ever so colorful
Umi is the peaceful beauty, graceful, soft spoken, but only because she doesn’t need much effort to create a lasting impression
Kali desk light Kali desk light
Kali is the cool and collected, down to earth friend you can count on no matter what
Kumi LED lamp Kumi LED lamp
Kumi is the chic minimalist, who is effortlessly bold and striking
Kumi stand lamp Kumi stand lamp
Kumi is the chic minimalist, who is effortlessly bold and striking
Kuki lamp for desk Kuki lamp for desk
Kuki is a fun yet sophisticated table companion, who very quickly takes on different forms depending on her mood
Rafi floor lamp Rafi floor lamp
You may not think ‘wow’ the first time you meet Rafi, but you know that something feels right.
Kiyo floor lamp Kiyo floor lamp
Kiyo is the quiet one- calm, discreet, and focused on its mission of illuminating whatever you need with minimal intrusion


Our purpose is to create emotion where it’s unexpected
We believe in challenging the status quo, and we do our best to do so by pushing the boundaries of design engineering, all while championing new technology in a people friendly way
We are a group of friendly design and engineering geeks with  serious addictions to cool toys and new technology
As a team, we do not believe in creativity driven by market data spreadsheets and consumer behavior presentations. Instead, we let the inspiration of the moment guide us to create products that we want to use in our own homes, and lives
Our vision
We believe that "simplicity" implies beauty, purity, and clarity. For us, the antonym of simplicity is not complexity, quite the contrary actually: more often than not, the simplest feats are actually the hardest to achieve


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