About Traeproducts company


The first step in our process is to embrace Creativity.

We believe that we must welcome and cherish the unconventional and open our minds to follow its path to the unknown. Hopefully we uncover something new, something different, something we can call innovative.

Next, is the quest for Simplicity:

When we talk about simplicity of a product, we refer to the complete interaction with the object: it must be exciting and intuitive, and ultimately make you think ‘why didn’t I have this in my life sooner’.

For us, the antonym of simplicity is not complexity, quite the contrary actually: we believe that the simplest feats are the hardest to achieve.

We are a team of friendly deƨign and engineering geeks with serious addictions to cool toys and new technology.

We love going ‘wow’. It’s one of our favorite things.

As a team, we do not believe in creativity driven by market data spreadsheets and consumer behavior presentations. Instead, we let the inspiration of the moment guide us to create products that we want to use in our own homes, and lives.

Our purpose is to create emotion where it’s unexpected.

We do our best to do so by pushing the boundaries of design engineering, all while championing new technology in a people friendly way.

In case you are wondering ‘Why are you making Lamps?’

Well, take almost ANYTHING, add a bulb, and you have yourself a lamp.

Lamps are one of those awesome products that we use every day that could potentially take on any shape or form imaginable.

So, it was only natural for Trae’s first product line to be of something that allowed us to fully express our creativity, and come up with some unique and bubbly design concepts, loaded with personality. 

We create modern LED floor lamps and contemporary LED & OLED table lamps because it is interesting and unusual to fill everyday things with new ideas and thoughts.

Now add to the fact that technology is changing: the future of lighting is LED, and OLED is right at its heels.

We have already started changing our bulbs to LED’s- to help mother nature, save energy, save money- which is great, but what about all our lamps? Much more can Energy be saved. It’s time to complete the transition to better lighting.