Color touch - desktop & floor lamps

Trae Products is delighted to announce it’s fun, funky and fabulous Color Touch Collection. Like a classic Andy Warhol painting, the Color Touch Collection thrives on intense, bold colors, shapes and design. This collection is unconventional and does not like to stick to established rules. Throwing back to the seventies, this collection could be seen at a Beatles concert, wearing a groovy headband and talking to everyone about their new creative ideas to change the world.

And change the world it does! Color Touch isn’t stuck in the past - the Luni, Umi and Kali are equipped with advanced technology such as soft touch material, a wireless charging lamps, USB charging ports, touch sensitive buttons for light control and the highest LED quality lighting.  The Color Touch Collection carves its own artistic path, making it one of the most exciting and innovative collections to date. This collection is perfect for the artist, the bold creative, the one who knows that they have something special and paves the way for the future rather than follow the established norms. 

As a wise man by the name of Austin Powers once said, “Groovy, baby.”