METAL IN MOTION - table lamps

Trae Products is extremely excited to announce its newest edgy, flexible lamps and bold collection Metal In Motion. Like a trained dancer, the Metal in Motion Collection grinds the pavement and works hard every day to give its best performance. But it’s not only about hard work for the Metal in Motion Collection. Utilizing its signature full flex memory metal hinges, Metal in Motion can adapt to any and every situation. So, whether it is a party, a family game night or an office environment Metal in Motion will light up any room to perfection.

In true Trae Products fashion, we added a little edge – something that sets the Metal in Motion collection apart from the others.  Its advanced motion control technology, USB charging ports and highest quality LED lighting are perfect for the artist who wants to break the mold a little bit and come outside of the box. The Metal in Motion Collection is the type to let a little loose and drink high-end whiskey at rock concert… with one rock, please. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play after all.