OLED lamps

Trae Products is thrilled to unveil its modern and chic OLED Collection. Based on pure sophistication and simplicity, the OLED Collection knows how to make a little go a very long way. It’s clean smooth lines, cool colors, and minimal indentations make the OLED Collection something that could be seen sipping tea with Audrey Hepburn straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s - pinkies raised of course. Like a classic Hollywood movie star, the OLED Collection is one of a kind.

The OLED Collection doesn’t just stop at fabulous design and light metal - the Jade and Pia have been designed with advanced technology as well. Appointed desk lamps with USB Charging Ports, wireless-charging bases, touch sensitive brightness control and the highest quality OLED lighting, Jade and Pia are nothing short of astounding. Sure, to make the front row at the next New York City fashion show, the OLED Collection fits in comfortably with those living or aspiring to live the penthouse high life.  

It’s okay, the OLED Collection is used to paparazzi, take a photo - or two.