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One of the main components of modern interior nowadays is a well thought-through lighting. The huge chandeliers are long time gone and their place is all but taken by reading LED floor lamps that get trendy very fast. Their functionality has become very high, it can not only light up the room, but also divide the spaces, which allows you to change any room so much that you won’t recognize it. One of the main features of a floor lamp is its ability to provide soft warm light, which allows you to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere, which is ideal for reading.

How to choose a LED floor lamp for reading?

An ideal floor lamp for reading is the one that provides the light as close to natural light as possible and allows you to direct it exactly where it’s needed the most. The similarity to daylight also makes sure your eyes don’t get too tired of it. That also allows you to create a separated “reading zone” with reading LED floor light where you won’t disturb anyone. Let’s look at what you should consider when buying a lamp for reading.

  • Consider buying a lamp with a gooseneck that’s long enough to provide the light exactly where you need it. The floor lamps without it can do the job too, but it’s not ideal.
  • If you’re looking to read in bed, you can choose a floor lamp that will direct the light straight downward and put it on your bedside, just make sure its intensity is not too much so you don’t hurt your eyes.
  • For some of us reading is more than just a process, it’s lifestyle. And if you want to underline that, you can use a lamp as a source of accent lighting that lights up the bookshelves or other parts of the room. That doesn’t offer much while reading, but it’d be a great aesthetic move.
  • Consider buying a lamp that allows you to change the lighting. That way it can cover both ambient and task lighting in your room.

Well, if this article made you want to buy a new standing reading lamp, don’t look too far away from you. Our shop offers great floor lamps that rock amazing quality and modern design which will fit most interiors easily.