Maze LED desk lamp

Maze LED desk lamp

A minimalist, Maze knows exactly what is needed and what isn’t to create the perfect lifestyle. No extra frills or fuss, Maze just uses her natural charm to create the perfect ambiance. Just don’t worry about a thing - Maze has got you covered.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

Get to know Maze LED desk lamp a little better:

Our designers know that there are many fashionable lamps out there. And boy do our designers love a bit of a challenge. That’s why they tested themselves to create something with style in the most minimalistic way possible. From that self - initiated test Maze was developed. With it’s perfectly symmetrical design, our PATENTED metal hinges aesthetic and our advanced hand motion light casting system Maze really covers all the bases.

Don’t worry about adding anything too crazy into your lifestyle, Maze has just enough flair to entice and enhance your atmosphere.