Maze² LED desk lamp

Maze² LED desk lamp

Let’s get a little funky, a little edgy. Maze²’s sleek lines don’t cut any corners… literally. You can see Maze² at the next jazz concert, in the corner, breaking some of the rules. Oh Maze², you little rebel you.

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“I’ve been reckless, but I’m not a rebel without a cause.” Angelina Jolie

Get to know Maze² LED desk lamp a little better:

What’s that you say? We created a second one? Absolutely. Our design team one night was up late, and someone challenged the status quo a little bit creating a symmetrical rectangular design rather than a perfect round design.  This rectangular design allowed for an edgier version of our original Maze design.

But don’t worry we didn’t sacrifice any functionality. Maze², as do all our Metal in Motion productions, has the smooth motion control technology found in our other devices. So, go have one last margarita, rebel a bit, you are in good company with Maze².