Muse Z LED desk lamp

Muse Z LED desk lamp

Graceful, sleek and fashionable Muze Z spends all her time at the ballet barre. She is constantly working hard to get ahead, and she succeeds greatly. Sometimes she lets loose, but only with a martini… shaken not stirred please.

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“It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple”. Steve Jobs

Get to know Muse Z LED desk lamp a little better:

Friday nights with our designers aren’t about parties they’re about working hard. That’s why they decided to create a design that demonstrates their hard work in action. Not only does the Muse Z come with advanced motion control technology, which turns the light on and off with a swipe of the hand, she also is equipped with state of the art LED lighting to keep your eyes safe.

Muse Z does add a little fun into her life though. Her flexible design allows for the perfect lighting in any situation, whether it be a party or at home. Okay - so maybe our designers do let loose a bit - but only on Fridays.