UMI desk Lamp
UMI desk Lamp
UMI desk Lamp

UMI desk Lamp

Umi is the peaceful beauty, graceful, soft spoken, but only because she doesn’t need much effort to create a lasting impression. A strong, positive inner energy creates a mirrored attraction towards Umi. And Umi isn’t the attention seeker either- it just happens naturally!

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‘Speak only if it improves upon the silence.’ Gandhi

Get to know UMI desk Lamp a little better:

Our design geeks were having a pretty Zen experience when the first sketch of Umi was scribbled on a yellow notepad- and we are so glad that was the case now that Umi has come to life.

The goal was to get a very cool, soothing, and uncluttered feeling from this brilliant egg shape (lets call it what it is). The result is a piece that goes beyond its primary function of illumination, and to many is a decorative piece. And you can tell by all the group selfies that Umi’s impact is amplified when she is surrounded by her friends!